What is S.T.A.R.?

Consistency is key! Miss as few sessions as possible.
Highly individualized plans means no two students are taught the same way!
All students! All ages! All subjects! All backgrounds!
This tutoring works!

Free Assessment

We offer free assessments and look forward to discussing our unique approach to tutoring. For our initial meeting we are happy to meet parents in a location that is both comfortable and convenient for them. Applying a unique approach to developing a purposeful teaching environment for every student we work with.
Free Assessment

Piano & Music

We offer Piano and Music lessons; additionally Music History and Music Theory courses are also available. Music sessions are offered in 30-40 minute sessions. Our experience teaching and performing musically makes these subjects a special treat for our students. Once a week lessons are offered for beginners; and twice a week for advanced students. We use piano exams to receive feedback on our students progress and to customize activities.
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Absolutely Amazing Tutor

The founder of Study with S.T.A.R. has been fabulous for my 13-year-old daughter who has ADHD and dyslexia. They help her with every class, except Spanish. Their knowledge of reading, writing, and math is astounding. I have a post-graduate degree and still can’t understand my daughter’s Algebra, nonetheless teach it to her. The founder of Study with S.T.A.R. will work ahead of the class in math. They will communicate with her teachers if needed. My daughter is getting A’s on all math tests this year! More importantly, The founder of Study with S.T.A.R. completely “gets” my daughter. They are very patient and my daughter really likes them. My daughter doesn’t need her Ritalin w/ the founder of Study with S.T.A.R.. Her other tutors had requested she take it. Amazing!

Stacy - 88 lessons with Study With S.T.A.R.

Meet S.T.A.R.

Having taught piano for over 25 years we currently maintain a piano studio in East Lansing, MI. Our piano instructor completed her studies under the direction of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada and is a founding teacher their American Counterpart, Royal Conservatory of Music Exam Program.
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We actively nurtures open communication and understanding with our students; really getting to know how they learn. We have experience working with specific learning needs, including students who are physically or emotionally impaired, students with ADD/ADHD, and those with Autism. Knowing learning styles and cultivating individual lessons, using each of our student’s unique interests, allow us to customize lessons. Maintaining communication with the parents of our students is just as important and we connect parents by allowing parents and guardians to observe sessions. We offer both mornings and afternoon sessions with group and one-on-one tutoring depending on your child's needs. No matter the course, we offer a classroom like setting for each one of our students as a way to engage their focus.
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